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Terms of use

Usage Guidelines:- You may use this website for informative purpose only. All contents in the website are proprietary. No portion of the website should be used unless authorized by Perfect Software Services. No portion of the website can be copied/used by any means without our explicit permission. Defaulters will face strict legal actions.

Refund Policy:- If Website has not been completed even in 3 business days after the scheduled date. You are eligible to claim 100% money back. You just need to send an email to info@perfectsoftwareservices.com. You will get the complete refund within 7 working days.

Scheduled date is calculated by adding the turnaround days (which is mutually agreed at the time of starting the project) to the date of receiving complete contents from your side. No. of Gazetted holidays during the website designing period will also be added to the scheduled date.